The Island of Tahiti
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Tahiti, often called the "Queen of the Pacific," is appropriately crowned by a circle of majestic peaks.

The legendary name of "Tahiti" identifies this island as well as the group of islands that make up French Polynesia. This turtle-shaped island is the largest of the 118 in this group. Papeete, the bustling capital of Tahiti, is a cosmopolitan town that once was a sleepy little port. It now boasts a thriving international airport, world-class resorts and excellent restaurants.

There is an abundance of shopping, from local shell handicrafts to French haute couture, dining options that include Tahitian, European, Asian and gourmet cuisine enjoyed in sidewalk cafes or fine restaurants, and a chance to mix with the locals aboard their open-air buses called "Le Truck." Visit the Lagoonarium, the Botanical Gardens or one of the interesting museums. The island is skirted by black velvet beaches and pink coral reefs.

Away from the town the scenery changes to foothills with swaying coconut palms, then to ragged peaks covered with lush vegetation, emerald valleys with cascading waterfalls and mountain streams. The volcanic peak of the island is Mount Orohena.

There are many activities to enjoy, from golf on French Polynesia's only course, to helicopter rides and scuba diving. Take a few days to explore Tahiti before heading to the outer islands.  This island is a great place to start your Tahiti honeymoon.

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