Cruises That Go To Tahiti
Floating hotels, ranging in classification from "grand comfort" to "super luxury", are a major feature of the Tahitian experience (around 700 cabins). Visiting Tahiti and her Islands, floating between sea and sky on the tides of Polynesian waters from the comfort of a luxurious cruise liner will leave you with unforgettable memories. The range of cruises, from the luxury liners (Paul Gauguin) to the more intimate vessels that are sure to offer something for everyone. The high islands with their imposing profiles exert an irresistible magnetism on the cruise passenger when viewed from the sea. Once ashore, one of the many organized excursions will let you immerse yourself in the picture postcard scenery. With restaurants, beauty salons, spa pools, shops and conference rooms, the liners are furbished to the same demanding standards as the largest hotels.

Nearly 50000 visitors choose this type of Tahiti experience every year. Cruises can also be supplemented with land excursions or other cruises thereby extending your Tahiti honeymoon.

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