Huahine, Tahiti
Huahine honeymoons


Huahine, with its lush forests and untamed landscape, is Polynesia's best-kept secret.

Huahine is certainly the most sensual of the islands. Only just a 30-minute flight from Tahiti, it is a genuine, preserved haven to the visitor looking for tranquility. A white sand beach, desert coral islets on the luminous blue lagoon and lush hills, the island epitomizes Polynesian beauty. To discover Huahine is to give in to her charm of archaeological wealth, slow rhythm and multiple secrets.

Fare, the main village located on Huahine-Nui and rooted in ancient Polynesian lifestyle, looks asleep in the shade of "badamier" (local chestnut tree) and acacia trees, awakening upon the arrival of cruise ships and cargo-schooners from Papeete.

The inhabitants welcome visitors as they experience the aromas of vanilla, coconuts, bananas, watermelons and even melons, while fresh colorful fish from the lagoon hang from the trees.

With some of the most hospitable people in the Pacific, Huahine is a tranquil honeymoon paradise which retains the best of old Polynesia.

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